3 Things You Should Know Before You Hire Your First Virtual Assistant



A virtual assistant (VA) is definitely a significant addition to your workforce and even though he/she may not be working solely for you, they can be valuable parts of your company and do their best to contribute to the success of their assigned area. They can be key players in your business’ proper functioning providing they are motivated to help you come through your business objectives. But, what needs to be looked at when considering hiring your first virtual team member?


  1. Is a VA REALLY Necessary to You?

Look at your processes and systems at place and decide whether you want someone to work for you on a regular basis, rather than just hiring someone for an immediate need. In a nutshell, if you find yourself wearing many hats to maintain the success of your organisation, and need an effective way to manage your stress and take some time for yourself, so you can continue giving your business all it requires to climb up the ladder, to hire a virtual assistant is probably an excellent option to consider.

  1. Share your Vision and Make your Goals Clear

Have everything covered, from your vision and goals to your core beliefs, including the story of the business and make them available to every member of your staff. That way, you will make the new virtual team member feel welcome and increase loyalty. By sharing your objectives and vision in a very straightforward fashion, you instantly have an extra team member ready to help you meet these goals, since everything is crystal clear, and everybody knows what is expected from them, from the word GO.

  1. Choose Carefully

Your virtual assistant’s personality is equally important to their skills. If the new team member has a hard time communicating with other co-workers or even worse has clashes with you because the two of you don’t work well together, your company’s harmonious and smooth running is at risk, hence it won’t make for a successful partnership.

Also, don’t fall into the pitfall most business owners do, by thinking you will work with a single virtual assistant that will do everything for you. To use VAs effectively, you need to hire talents for the role, not the task, meaning build a team that will work in unison and help grow your business. Delegating different roles to one person will just won’t do, but hiring many people with particular skills per task required will definitely make the difference.

That aside, working with a VA includes sharing information via platforms that can suit both of you, such as Skype, Evernote, Email, Google Drive, and more. If you are not familiar with one of the myriad tools available, you can always get some help from your skilled VA! Just ensure you have the right system in place, so information-sharing is speedy and accurate.

When the day ends, all you need to understand that you shouldn’t be doing half the stuff you are doing right now day-in day-out. Hiring a VA has gone so much more than managing your social media and filtering your emails. It is all about business growth, and a virtual assistant can definitely help you systemise your business and be more organised, to be even more productive. So, what’s keeping you from getting that valuable helping hand right now?

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