How to Grow Your Business Using Virtual Team Members


One of the most important components of a successful business is getting higher value items done daily. Unfortunately, in a typical everyday business, you are probably too busy just working in it and taking care of existing issues and customers to work on growing & improving your business (or have a team to assigned to these tasks).

Ask yourself:

Who, in your team, is responsible for:

  • Attracting new customers via all online channels, every day?
  • Checking whether current customers are satisfied with the service, daily?
  • Reactivating inactive clients, day-in-day-out?
  • Upselling / suggesting additional items to customers?
  • Contacting all customers and explaining your referral or introducing a friend scheme?

If you have answered NO ONE, you are definitely missing out on sales & profits every single day. Yes, we know you feel these are your responsibilities and that the problem is time & cost.

The thing is that in the past, there were only 2 ways to get something essential done: (1) Do it yourself, or (2) Have your staff do it. You were accountable for the things no one else could handle and required your expertise while your team would only work on the tasks they could deliver. Well, all that has changed and you now have 2 additional options available:

  1. Automate the tasks that generate income – The more you automate tasks to allow 24/7 predictability, the more your team is freed up.
  2. Outsource – This option lets you have a team to do all the things required for business growth that you don’t have the time to do on your own, such as attract new customers, create/follow-up with new sales opportunities, and provide after-sales customer support. We all know that delivering an excellent service is paramount to business success.

As per the costs involved, once you have set up automation, there is no additional cost. Now, outsourcing can be done very effectively to highly trained Executive Virtual Team members abroad (the Philippines) that have excellent English & IT skills, which provides you with flexible team support.

What is The Monthly Salary for my Elite Team Member?

You can get a staff member working for you full time (40h a week) from just £300/month.  Note: Performance-based incentives and upward increases will keep them motivated and more engaged, which is something we firmly recommend.


General Digital Marketing Sales Process
Email Marketing Referral Process
Social media marketing (FB/Twitter/YouTube) OTHER
Digital Paid Advertising Web Analytics and Optimisation
SUPPORT Analytics
Sales & Customer Support Design / Infographics
Finance Support Video Creation
Phone Support AdWords
Admin Support Facebook
  Content/ Article Writing

How can I outsource?

Through simple steps that include:

  1. Identify the tasks that need to be done & the processes to get these tasks done.
  2. Create a process to supervise.
  3. Manage the process.
  4. Recruit virtual staff.
  5. Interview & Screen them.
  6. Hire them.
  7. Train them.
  8. Get them working.
  9. Supervise.


  • They need things done daily.
  • They don’t have internal capacity.
  • They don’t know how to recruit and manage virtual assistants.
  • They don’t have ready-to-do processes in their business.
  • They don’t know how to create a process.


We provide you with high-quality Virtual Team members, train them on how to systemise and create processes in your business, to help your small business grow. Our Elite VAs are specially trained not only on processes required for your success, but also on creating systems that will save you both time and money.

Besides being pre-screened for English, our VAs are also trained in:

√ Remote Working

√ Basic Online Marketing for Business Growth

√ Working with project management software

√ Business Processes

In addition, they all use and receive special training in:

√ Google Docs

√ Asana

√ Trello

√ Hipchat

√ Whatsapp

√ Basecamp

√ Viber

√ Skype

√ Dropbox

That way, they can create and follow checklists to ensure the smooth completion of tasks and work effectively and efficiently within your organisation. And can communicate with you and the rest of your team easily.

How to get your Elite Team Member

Through an easy process, you just register and purchase an Elite Team Member Credit for £500. Then, we source the 3 best matching EVT candidates for you that you can interview via Skype and select the one that you feel best suits your requirements. We then provide you with all the necessary to start working with your new team member (contract template, guide to data security protection & confidentiality, induction training for your VA …)

For more information on hiring a virtual assistant CLICK HERE

FREE Virtual Team Building Course

For increased productivity

In this 1h video training Lucie will introduce you to the concept of outsourcing and show you the steps to take in order to work successfully with remote teams.


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