How to get more done for less with virtual teams

DATE 16 NOV 2015
TIME 7pm - 9pm
VENUE Eight members club, 1 Dysart st, Moorgate, London

In this live event Lucie Marchelot Shukla will reveal:

√ The 6 outsourcing advantages

√ The different types of talents you can outsource to

√ How to hire high impact low cost virtual assistants

√ How delegate and only focus on working on the important stuff

√ The 4S’s Game Plan to successfully work with virtual assistants and get more done for less

Start-up Productivity Booster - FBIZZ Women Entrepreneurs Hub

DATE 12th Nov 2015
TIME 6pm to 8.45pm
VENUE Club Workspace, London EC1R 0AT

FBIZZ is a unique collaboration and networking platform for women business owners in and around London. Lucie will be one of the two experts in the panel discussing how to boost productivity with virtual teams. She will introduce outsourcing and explain how hiring virtual talents can help female entrepreneurs focus on core activities in their business to scale and reduce overwhelm.


DATE 19 sep 2015
TIME 9am - 7pm
VENUE St. James Court, A Taj Hotel, London

In this live event Dr Aalok Y Shukla will reveal:

√ How to attract more people that want straight teeth to your website.
√ How to skyrocket the number of braces enquiries you get daily.
√ How to make your marketing work so you can start all the braces you desire.
√ How to start 17 braces in one day.
√ The 4 components of a high growth orthodontic practice.

Hi! I’m Lucie and I’m passionate about small business growth and impact sourcing.

My specialty is using virtual teams & freelancers to increase productivity and allow entrepreneurs to focus on the important stuff so that they can grow their business, have a more fulfilling time working on the business and work less in it. Continue Reading

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