How to Handle Time Differences with Your Filipino Virtual Assistant


When your business starts to grow, all the energy and activity is usually spent to book orders, answer phone calls, and fill up invoices, among a myriad other things that include paperwork. Therefore, keeping track of your earnings, development, and marketing strategies are easily overlooked. At the beginning of each business day, you find yourself with a ton of tasks that bring everything else in your life to a stand still. However, to keep your business running, you have to attend that pile up of tasks, probably by hiring full-time employees to handle customer support and paperwork. To be able to do that, you need to have all the required furniture and equipment in place first, so the employee(s) can work there Monday to Friday. A significant expense without a doubt. And, what happens when the office closes for the night? You and your employees just stop working and rest until the next business day.

Wouldn’t it be better (and more profitable) if you had your business running 24/7? With a talented and skilled virtual assistant (VA) in another time zone, you can achieve exactly that! When it is night for you, it will be the beginning of the working day for your VA. Imagine all the tasks that can be done while you are sleeping!

Tip #1: Use Technology to Find Convenient times to Communicate

Many people claim that when working overseas, the greatest hurdle is the difference in time zones. Although it may seem a bit difficult for you to manage your VA’s workflow, if he or she is on the other side of the globe, considering the fact that someone working in a time zone that is 10 hours apart from yours may not be available for any last-minute requests or spontaneous clarifications the usually come up within the working day, there are no uncrossed barriers. Given the various communication methods that you can use to speak with your VA, communication between you and your VA is not affected by the time differences. You can still e-meet with them and go over details, ask questions, or provide clarifications. Just compare the times in both your countries using an online meeting planner and schedule an e-meeting. Agree on some overlap hours, say 1p.m. UK time, which is around 8p.m Filipino time.

Tip #2: Provide Flexibility

If your VA is assigned customer facing tasks, such as sales, prospecting, or email/phone inquiries, make sure you agree on the most convenient hours for you. If, on the other hand, your VA is not assigned a customer facing position and they don’t need to be working specific hours, remember why your virtual assistant chose to work for you in the first place: flexibility in lifestyle and working hours so don’t ask them to work the typical 9a.m – 5p.m working hours, just to have fixed hours. Better have clear deadlines and work on task completion rather than anything else. When the day ends, all that matters is that you and your VA were able to see eye-to-eye, and not face-to-face, and share a common business objective.

Tip #3: Allow them to use their Skills

Don’t let time differences get in the way and keep thinking of obstacles. Remember that the distance does not affect the VA’s performance even by a bit. They use their project management skills to make sure each project each completed within the deadline agreed, no matter where they are working from. Just let them.


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