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As entrepreneurs we all know how running a business can be overwhelming, especially if we don’t have the right people around to support us.

Delegating and focusing on high value items in your business is key to your success and with the ever increasing easy access to the internet and  communication tools you can now build a high impact low cost virtual team.

An Inspiring Story

The very first VA Elite Virtual Team placed with a UK company was Patrick, who decided to quit his sales manager position at AT&T, where he was particularly successful, to work from home, so he could look after his grandmother. In the past, it took him 2 hours every day to get to work, after a tiring 10-hour shift, which reduced the quality of his life. Thanks to his new placement, he now works for a forward thinking company and can afford to think of a better future while enjoying a flexible lifestyle.


Tasks you can outsource to Elite Virtual Assistants

What can you outsource to increase sales & productivity?
Outsourcing can be done very effectively with trained Executive Virtual Team members abroad in the Philippines. They have excellent English and IT skills thus providing you with flexible team support.

Basic Infusionsoft updating
Presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote)
General admin
Basic and advanced data entry
Reply to email inquiries & correspondence
Phone answering & outbound calls
Phone auditing
Project management
Social Media management
Basic graphic design
Website management
Personal assistance
Accounting & Bookkeeping


Hire your first Elite Virtual Assistant in 5 Easy Steps


Click the Get Started button below


Enter your contact and payment details


Receive an easy to fill out form to let us know your requirements for the role


Interview the 3 pre selected matching candidates via Skype


Pick your favorite candidate and start working with your VA

(be aware this might be the most difficult step! they are so good most clients struggle to pick one.)

Just sit back and let us guide you through the whole process ...



EVT 1 off setup fee £500 + VAT
VA salary (full time - 40h/week) From £300/month *
*NO ongoing fees. EVT does not take any commissions on your VA salary, so once you have gone through the recruitment process you are in control of what happens next and free to contract with your VA as you please.

Build your dream team for less!

Rehire a Virtual Assistant from EVT in the future and receive 30% off (Save £150 each time!)


EVT offers a guarantee to make sure your VA is a real added value to your business.
If you are not satisfied with your chosen VA within a month of the induction week and you give reasonable reasons why, we will offer you the chance to interview another 3 candidates and pick a new VA free of charge.


Hi! I’m Lucie and I’m passionate about small business growth and impact sourcing.

My specialty is using virtual teams & freelancers to increase productivity and allow entrepreneurs to focus on the important stuff so that they can grow their business, have a more fulfilling time working on the business and work less in it. Continue Reading

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