Why You and Your Small Business Can Benefit from Outsourcing



Outsourcing involves the contracting out of a business process to another party and plays a significant role in extending business relationships, cutting down costs, improving quality, and saving you considerable time. It is just a way of seeking for help and, admittedly, the help you can get from growing your team using qualified virtual staff members is crucial to gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What can a Virtual Team do for your Business?

Besides the fact that you can get more done every day in a more organised fashion (even while you are sleeping due to time differences), outsourcing gives you:

  1. Access to Skilled Expertise

When you are a solopreneur and starting a business you might think you are the best person to do it all because you want to cut cost and think you know best. Although this may be true to an extent, there are certain tasks that need to get done by skilled people who have more experience doing them.

What is more, in the scenario you already have a team in place, there are particular tasks that they definitely not have the time or required skills for them, such as those related to digital marketing. This is why a virtual staff member with experience in this field can become a valuable addition to your business workforce.

  1. Time to Focus on Core Activities

Taking care of your growing business can make your mind shatter. Take a second and ask yourself:

How many things are not being done daily in your business?

Are you 100% satisfied with what is being done by your team and yourself daily?

Are there extra tasks that could be done to help get more organised and generate more leads, more inquiries, more sales and ultimately increase revenue?

When outsourcing, you give your key resources a unique opportunity to focus on primary business tasks. That way, you get everything done efficiently and are sure your business runs clockwise. This means you increase in-house efficiency and make a better quality performance for your business, which allows you to enhance your internal task force and use them to your organisation’s best interest.

  1. The Chance to Run your Business 24/7

Offshore outsourcing to a country that is on a different time zone, such as the Philippines, gives you the extra advantage of making full use of your 24-hour day. Since your night is their day, your outsourcing team member can take over and continue your work even after your on site/ local employees go home and to bed. What a better way to deliver the necessary tasks without time interruptions!

  1. Staffing Flexibility

When staffing plans are more focused on solving peak demands rather than normal workloads, there come times when your staff isn’t busy, which is rather frustrating, especially to small and mid-sized businesses. Outsourcing is an excellent way that allows you to create flexibility while meeting the organisation’s current demands.

  1. Improved Service and Customer Experience

What customers want is product quality and a great experience along the way. With faster business transactions and better internal organisation, which is what you can accomplish by hiring a virtual assistant, such as a project manager, for example, you can make a difference by providing a WOW customer experience. We all know that with increased customer satisfaction come more referrals thus create a stream of loyal customers that contribute to your business growth and revenue increase.

  1. Reduced Cost

Hiring virtual team members in the Philippines can help you save on:

  1. Capital expenditure
  2. Time
  3. Extra efforts on behalf of your personnel.

With significant reduction in time and money, you can finally focus on what your business really does. This is a win-win situation as the virtual assistants get an extremely competitive wage, which, in some cases, is double the salary they would get from a local company, and you pay significantly less than if you hired a national staff member. From £300 a month for a full-time (40h/week) virtual team member, you can save so much and not have to pay tax as well as they have a contractor status.

It all comes down to this: Outsourcing can bring remarkable opportunities for business expansion and a dramatic increase in your income while saving you money and time to focus on what’s really important to you during the day.

To find out more about how to outsource productively take the free virtual team building course below to see if outsourcing could indeed benefit your business.

Why hope your team is qualified enough to run your business, when you can get highly-skilled, talented people from around the world work for you, making sure they go above and beyond to meet your business objectives?


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