Why Start by Hiring a Virtual Project Manager First



Administrative work is one of the sections within a business operation that requires much of your time as a business owner. Hiring a virtual assistant can free up some of the time you may be contributing there, so you can supervise the tasks done in your business more efficiently, making sure that all the boxes are ticked every single day. With a virtual assistant in your workforce, you can delegate tedious, time-consuming, or energy-draining activities and have more time to focus on doing work that keeps your business moving forward.

Of the most significant posts that could be filled by a virtual assistant is that of the project manager’s, who can help you systemise your business’ operations and internal structure, as well as create processes and SOPS that will not only contribute to the smooth running of the organisation, but also give the capacity to have more customers and do more, and ensure tasks are delivered consistently.

A Virtual Project Manager can:

  1. Coordinate your Task Force

Small businesses usually work with a mixture of full-time employees, part-time workers, agencies, contractors, vendors, and freelancers. With so many people working on significant tasks, both in and outside the office, there should be one person to coordinate all those people.  This is where a virtual project manager enters the equation and assures all tasks are finished on time and that everyone is co-working with one another harmoniously.

  1. Become your Ears, Eyes, and Right Hand

It is paramount to know what is going on in your business at all times. A virtual project manager will report back to you when issues that need resolving come up, whether there are supplies that need to be purchased and how your business is performing overall. Are milestones met? When do you need to make a payment? Are hours logged? Is everybody working in the business satisfied and motivated? Are small tasks taken off your plate, so you are free to focus on big-picture stuff? Are your objectives and goals per project clearly set? If you have a team of virtual workers, is everyone doing the job assigned? These are some of the concerns that should no longer be on your mind, with a capable virtual project manager on your side.

  1. Help you Hire the Right Virtual Team Members

Working with virtual assistants without having experience in doing so can lead to chaos, considering that the hiring process requires a lot of training. Sometimes, small business owners get excited to find out they can hire a virtual team member full time for £300/month. This makes them hire multiple virtual workers in one go, which only complicates things. How are you going to train all these people at once? Hiring a virtual project manager though will help you adapt to working with an outsourced team. That aside, your project manager can help with the internal processes (i.e. training manuals and checklists) that need to be taken care of, and, if there is such need, help you hire virtual assistants to work on particular tasks, such as customer relations, sales, or digital marketing, and, of course, train them. Incredibly time-saving for you, indeed!

Put your business on autopilot and find the right person to handle key projects that will allow you to work less and achieve the same (if not better) output in a cost-effective way. Tap into a broad pool of talent from around the world and rest assured everything will be done correctly from the first time in your business.

Will outsourcing benefit your business? Without a doubt, but if you need some more help and information regarding how a VA can help you and whether outsourcing is the right thing to do to boost your business, book your no obligation FREE phone consultation HERE and receive valuable insight as per how to make your business run like a well-oiled machine 24/7!

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