What can be outsourced in your business?

What can be outsourced in your business

There are a lot of processes in your business that can be outsourced and with the given and much talked about benefits of outsourcing, there is nothing but great potential for your business.

Right now, the processes that exist in your business are:

Training & Staff development

Deliver WOW
Paid Advertising
Content & Social Marketing

Note that it requires daily focus on these processes; otherwise, things will fall through the cracks, which means you can’t expect the return that you deserve from your business.

This is a list of all the processes that if consistently worked on will bring explosive growth to your business and allow you to have more time to do what you love.

ATTRACT Processes

Call to Action Writing
Account Optimisation & Checking

Paid Ads
Facebook Management
Facebook Ad Specification / Design
Facebook Ad Management & Optimisation
YouTube Management
Twitter Management
LinkedIn Management

Google Analytics
Weekly Website Review
Overall Review Identification of Optimisation
Identify Pages to Improve Bounce Rate & Optimise
Identify Pages for Improvement to Increase Traffic, based on Keywords

Content Creation
From analytics keyword research identify content subjects / questions to create content / blog / video / infographic about
Manage Process / Spec / Brief / Research
Blog writing
Video creation
Press Release Writing
Press Release Distribution
General Website Updating & uploading content – Writing on page SEO
Guest Blogging Process – identifying places
Youtube Video uploading & keyword optimisation
Youtube Video transcription and uploading
Dictated content transcription management & supervision
Tweeting / Sharing scheduling in HootSuite
Creating FAQs / customer support documents

Landing Page Creation & Optimisation for Conversion and A/B testing
Leadbox creation & adding at the end of each blog post
Free Guide Pop-up creation for website
Survey / Test creation for Infusionsoft / gravity forms
Phone call recording / auditing
SMS follow up / communication follow up with customers
Website Live Chat Management & answering
Flyer / Postcard / A-board / Poster Design

SELL Processes

Email education sequence writing
Email loading in Infusionsoft
Email sequence auditing for click through rate / AB testing
Loading content into emails
Updating customers daily into right follow up sequence
Missed Appointment follow up with pt – activate sequences
Appt no sale follow up process
Update database customer info keeping accurate
Draft seasonal offers
Reactivate inactive customers with an offer – SMS / letter
Email newsletter creation / drafting
Written newsletter creation / drafting

WOW Processes

New customer satisfaction follow-up
Service / Product after follow-up surveying
Surprise & Delight campaign follow-up
Subscription/Membership plan sales follow up
Referral Process Follow-up / tracking

DATA Processes

Managing dashboard for Marketing & Sales Statistics
Tracking progress on monthly targets & alerting team on actions needed
Help identify optimisation opportunities for marketing / sales
Help track incentives for team / Progress to goals
Help track KPIs / Work completed

SCALE Processes

Create systems / checklists / standard operating procedures for staff tasks
Creating automated processes
Recruitment processes

GROWTH Processes

Help centralise mission / vision / culture
Help automate staff review / appraisal process
Staff on-boarding / training process
Checking staff completing checklists / tasks
Creating training Wiki / portal

FINANCE Processes

Online bookkeeping
Supplier Auditing
Tracking / updating financial documents


Can you think of the impact of getting the missed parts of these processes outsourced and everything happening weekly like clockwork in your business! There is inconceivable benefit from outsourcing your processes and you should know that by now. Let us know what you need to systematise in your business and we will find the perfect virtual assistant to help you achieve that.

Click HERE to hire a virtual assistant and fill out the easy to follow form guiding you through the hiring process.

If you are thinking to hire your first virtual assistant CHECK THIS OUT for more details on process.

We look forward to working with you!

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