Which Project Management Software Should My Virtual Assistant Use


Using the various Project Management tools available right now can only be beneficial to you and your virtual assistant (VA). It will get the work done as supposed, create a more organised status with projects and tasks, and time tracking will be significantly easier. Of the many Project Management tools that you can use, here are a few selected ones for you to check and decide which one best answers the needs of your business and team.

  1. Kanban Tool

It is a web-based, visual process management solution that allows virtual teams to work more efficiently, by visualising workflow with the Kanban method, analysing and improving business processes. It provides features such as email integration, portfolio management, task management, issue management, file sharing, project planning, and QA management.

  1. Basecamp

A very well-known project management tool that allows people working together to set up to-do lists and set deadlines. This is achieved by messaging each other directly through Basecamp so all project communications are kept in one place, or by sending email messages. It is especially useful in communicating with virtual teams, particularly those in different time zones. Also, it is adapt to handling artwork and images, which makes it extremely convenient when working with visual creatives (i.e. art directors).

  1. Asana

Another online project management tool for small businesses and startups. It offers all the right management tools a virtual team will need for teamwork, task management (priority options, deadline settings, flexible work environment) and collaboration. With Asana, teams can create tasks quickly and have tasks assigned in a way that everybody knows what they and everybody else is working on. It is also an excellent tool that allows you to set tasks so your VA knows exactly what needs to be done.

  1. Producteev

It is a web-based software with a simple interface and a program that focuses on basic task management, allowing the users to create to-do lists, receive updates, assign tasks, and export task lists easily through the pairing mobile apps. It also sends reminders of when a task’s due date approaches.

  1. Trello

Trello is ideal for distributed collaboration. It is a project management tool that has been built into cards that allow virtual team members to see what is being worked on in one glance. You get to see who is working on what and what is in progress. The design helps users to easy understand the project while the collaboration tools make idea-sharing very easy. Perhaps, the best drag and drop tool.

Of course, when it comes to project management tools, it is strictly a personal choice and it’s best to try each one out on its own to see which one best suits your business’s culture and your management style.

Outsourcing is undoubtedly the future for business growth and development, and hiring a VA is the best you can do right now to benefit from the pool of talents from around the world.

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Which Project Management Software Should My Virtual Assistant Use